What is it?

VETS-TALK, co-sponsored by VETLANTA and KPMG LLP, is a web-based platform for veterans, military family members and veteran allies to share short, impactful stories with the veteran community. Real People. Real Stories.

Who is it for?

VETS-TALK is for everyone: active duty, reservists, transitioning military, veterans, family members, and allies. Are you transitioning from the military? VETS-TALK is a great opportunity to rebrand YOU!

How does it work?

Scroll down below to complete the online submission form, which includes the story abstract (100 words or less). VETS-TALK will review all submissions via this website and will select stories based on criteria such as topic relevance, quality/impact and candidate speakers’ geographical location. VETS-TALK may contact candidate speakers during the selection process to ask clarifying questions, etc.

Once VETS-TALK receives your submission, a VETS-TALK team member may contact candidate speakers to learn more about their stories. In addition, VETS-TALK team members may work with candidate speakers to prepare their stories for sharing with the community, as applicable.

VETS-TALK will invite selected candidates to share their stories during a scheduled filming session at a KPMG LLP office location (note: candidates are responsible for all travel expenses – VETS-TALK will not reimburse travel costs incurred). Once VETS-TALK produces the story, VETS-TALK will share the speakers’ stories here on Vets-Talk.com.

What is an "impactful" story?

VETS-TALK believes an “impactful story” to be an account of past events, people and/or experiences that have significantly influenced a person’s life and/or profoundly changed the way the person views the world. VETS-TALK will not accept submissions that contain lectures, long biographies, bragging, direct solicitation, etc.

What are some example topics?

VETS-TALK is a web-based platform for veterans, military family members and veteran allies to share short, impactful stories. Some example topics include:

  • Reason for joining the military
  • Lessons in leadership
  • Military spouses/families
  • Life lessons
  • Transition stories
  • Call to service after service
  • Others

Contact Us

Interested in becoming a speaker, or just want to learn more about the organization? Just fill out the form below, and the VETS-TALK team will get back to you shortly.